Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Series Review: The Phoenix Conspiracy Books 1-4

The Phoenix War (The Phoenix Conspiracy, #4)The Phoenix War by Richard L. Sanders, book 4 in the ongoing series.

This is what I get for grabbing a free ebook (the first book in the series was/is free on Amazon.com). The first book pulled me in. The second book, also offered at a discount, kept the story going and kept me wanting more. The third book was full price, but by this point I didn't care! I wanted more, and I had to have more! I had to know what happens next. I had to know how the story wrapped up!

Boy was I fooled! The third book wasn't the end of the series! The fourth book wasn't out at the time, but has since come out and I darn well paid full price for that ebook too!

I don't know how many more books are planned in the series. This is one of those instances where I hope it wraps up soon because I want to know what happens, but I'm enjoying the setting and don't want to leave just yet.

The Phoenix Conspiracy has your military SF, some political intrigue, alien civilizations working with and against the human empire, cool ships and technology, and some great characters.

The main character is Calvin, the captain of a stealth ship, reminds a bit of myself: he's kind of an introvert, prefers things laid back, trusts those around him to do their jobs, and prefers to be on a first-name basis with his co-workers and staff as opposed to calling everyone by their rank and last name.

The human empires monarchy is in danger, a vast conspiracy is trying to overthrow the king, while yet another interested party is seeking out an alien threat of weapons capable of destroying stars. Each book gets a bit deeper into the conspiracy and the war between all these factions.

The Phoenix Conspiracy series is like the Honor Harrington series without the word-count: it flows much faster. Fun stuff!

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