Review Policy

**NOTE: SporadicReviews is no longer located in the midwest; we're now neighbors to Bigfoot in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!**

Questions, comments or products can be sent to: SporadicReviews AT gmail DOT com or send your book or other material for review to:
Sporadic Reviews
9011 9th Ave E
Tacoma, WA 98445

If you are a publisher or author (published or otherwise) or a marketer of other products, I'd be glad to review your book or product as long as you are okay with the following:

-I'll only review books or products that I think I might remotely enjoy. I won't review something that I believe I won't like. But if you send me something to review, I'll give it a shot.

-I will be honest in my review.

-I won't recommend a book if I don't like it. My review will mention that. I won't be mean or derogatory about the book or author though.

-I reserve the right to not finish a book if I'm not enjoying it. I read for enjoyment.

-I like deadlines. They keep me productive. If there's a date you want a review posted by, perhaps before the book is released, please mention that so I can plan my reading accordingly. But again, I'm reading for enjoyment, and sometimes stuff I want to read will come before stuff I've been asked to read. This blog is called "Sporadic" for a reason.

-I don't post reviews of every single book I read for my own enjoyment. I post reviews of those when a book really says to me "talk about this!".

-I'll post your review on this blog, and probably Goodreads. If you want a review posted at Amazon as well, I'll be glad to provide that, but I might not remember to do so if not asked directly.

Questions, comments or products can be sent to: SporadicReviews AT gmail DOT com or send unsolicited material to:
Sporadic Reviews
9011 9th Ave E
Tacoma, WA 98445

Disclaimer: Sometimes publishers or authors give me their book or product free so I can review it. When they do, I'll mention it in the review - or at least in the tags. Sometimes I get books I want to read for my own enjoyment from my local library, and sometimes I actually buy a book. The product links in the reviews take you to, where if you buy the linked item I could get a very small percentage the purchase (because I like cash).
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