Monday, November 25, 2013

Book Review: Breach Zone

Breach Zone (Shadow Ops, #3)Breach Zone by Myke Cole
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Breach Zone seems to neatly wrap up the Shadow Ops trilogy of the US Military's use of magic-wielders and the US Government's oppression of civilian magic-users that started in Control Point.

Control Point introduced us to Oscar Britton, who I thought would be the main character for the entire series. The second book, Fortress Frontier, brought us a new main character in Bookbinder and only briefly brought back Britton. Breach Zone features yet another main character, this time one that we did meet previously: Harlequin, the Aeromancer. Bookbinder also features prominently in a secondary role, with Britton only coming in at the end to wrap things up.

Breach Zone uses frequent flashbacks to Harlequin's past as he meets up with and falls in love with Grave, who eventually becomes the face of the bad guys in the entire series - though who is really good and who is really bad is completely a gray area throughout the series. The series ends with all the sides still not happy with each other but at least trying to work things out, at least as far as magic is concerned.

The Shadow Ops series is a good read: science fiction, fantasy, military fiction, and maybe urban fantasy all rolled up into one. Good stuff! Breach Zone was a fitting and satisfying end to the series. I don't actually know if this is the end of the series, but it does work well as that.

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