Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Book Review: Power Grid

Power Grid follows Slade Lockwood and a cast of his friends around the globe searching for the clues that led a Florida catfisherman to possibly create a new and dangerous power source.

Apparently, this is a sequel to a previous Slade Lockwood novel as there are many references to the events of that book - but Power Grid stands well on it's own, supplying enough information for new readers to know who's who and their motivations that continue from the previous book.

Slade is a retired LAPD police officer, and seems to be getting involved in larger incidents than he was when he was a working professional. As Slade runs from government agents, and searches for clues he was told to keep secret, he makes a few silly mistakes, which only make him more human.

In the end, after travelling around the globe, he manages to do the right the thing with the information he's found, with the help of his team.

Power Grid was a fun ride, and I'd read more stories featuring Slade Lockwood.

Power Grid was provided to my by IJustFinished.com for review.

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