Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Post from E.E. Knight titled "Worst royalty statement ever!"

E. E. Knight is one of my favorite authors.

Please buy his books. You won't be disappointed. He has two series of books out: Vampire Earth, and the Age of Fire. Both are great. The Vampire Earth series is approaching ten books, and the Age of Fire series is about to wrap with number five.

Vampire Earth is post-apocalyptic military science fiction with interesting characters. Thought the title of the series says Vampires, they're not really our traditional walking dead vampires, they certainly don't fit in with the current (or even the traditional) type of vampires in modern media. On the other hand, The Age of Fire series is more fantasy, with dragons, dwarves, etc.

And to top it all off, E. E. Knight has discovered his books are being pirated. Nice...

This is one author I would hate to see fall by the wayside because no one is buying his books. Please: go support E. E. Knight and buy his stuff.

It'll be well worth it!

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My career seems to be hitting an exciting new bottom.

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