Thursday, November 12, 2009

Recent Reads and Things

I've been lucky enough to have this week off from work, taking a short stay-cation before my overtime really kicks in through the end of the year. I've been playing LOTRo quite a bit and enjoying it. Haven't really progressed far enough into the game to experience the meat of it, but what I've done has been enjoyable.

I've also caught up on my reading. I finished E.E. Knight's latest novel, Winter Duty. It's another installment in the ongoing Vampire Earth series and is pretty good. It was especially fun because most of the book takes place in and around my home town.

I also finished a Christian Fiction series by Austin Boyd set in the near future about the first manned missions to Mars and a possible presence of ET life. The Mars Hill Classified series - The Evidence, The Proof, and The Return - was a good series that asks plenty of questions about current topics in the world, and gives a great Christian response to them. These books also include a reading guide and group discussion material in the back. How cool is that?

Disclaimer of Disclaiming: No one gave me these products for free :-(. I had to buy LOTRo myself. I got the books through PaperBackSwap. The product links above take you to, where if you buy them, I get a very small percentage of the purchase (because I like cash).

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