Sunday, November 15, 2009

Book Review: What Happened To The Indians

Back in March I agreed to read What Happened to the Indians for the author, Terence Shannon. He sent me a copy of his book free of charge for review. I finally got around to reading it while I was on vacation this past week.

It's an alien invasion story, with a new spin on the solution. The main character, Doyle is a minor functionary to a politico in Washington D.C. As the aliens begin a quiet invasion, Doyle is called to the Oval Office and appointed to take notes at a secret meeting of top politicians debating what to do about the ETs. Doyle's responsibilities grow, and he eventually suggests a unique solution to the problem.

What Happened To the Indians reads almost like a Tom Clancy novel, without all the D-, E-, and F-subplots. There are a few minor subplots, but nothing that over-extends the novel like a Clancy story. Alien ships attack fighter jets and kidnap a 747. The U.S. President has to decide to whether to roll over and let the aliens slowly take over the county, or to make a stand and get rid of them. On his panel of experts are politicians wanting to take a wait-and-see attitude, others wanting to attack full force, some wanting to probe the aliens defenses slowly; and on the sidelines is Doyle, quietly researching the history of the aliens on Earth and talking to people with previous experience. Through those talks, he gets a plan forwarded to the president that almost ends in the destruction of civilization as we know it.

All in all, What Happened to the Indians is a pretty good book.

Disclaimer of Disclaiming: Sometimes publishers or authors give me their book or product free so I can review it. When they do, I'll mention it in the review. Sometimes I get books I want to read for my own enjoyment from PaperBackSwap. The product links in the reviews take you to, where if you buy the linked item I get a very small percentage the purchase (because I like cash).

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