Monday, November 24, 2008

Book Review: The Thieves of Heaven

I've found a new series I like.

The "Thieves" series by Richard Doetsch. The first book is "The Thieves of Heaven": a Thriller/Action/Suspense/Adventure novel.

Michael St. Pierre lives a life as a security professional and husband to a wonderful Kindergarten teacher. His wife is a devout Catholic and they attend mass every Sunday. Richard is also a retired professional burglar that excels in diving, climbing, and other physical feats and he's on parole after being caught.

Tragedy strikes Michael's life, and a stranger gives him a way out - one last heist.  Michael takes it on, even though it means lying to his wife and violating his parole.  Unknown to Michael, succeeding in the theft will mean a crisis of Heavenly proportions. 

I really enjoyed this novel. It took a little getting to used to the style at first, though. Very short scenes, moving slightly forward and slightly back in the timeline to show action, and then to show what lead up to it. Those aren't bad things - they just took some getting used to. 

Being a married man myself, I enjoy finding books where the main character is happily married.  Michael St. Pierre loves his wife and would do anything for her.  He's not a womanizer, he's not a drunkard, he even attends church with her even though he's lost his faith. 

Faith is another interesting topic here; there's no bloodline of Jesus or any of that crap. Instead, the Catholic faith is shown as real: real God, real Satan, real Heaven, real Hell.  That's nice to find in mainstream fiction.

The Thieves of Heaven is a continent-hopping story that pulls interesting tidbits from history and religion and brings them to a fiery conclusion.  And there are some heart-wrenching, and tear-jerking moments as well.

Read it!

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