Monday, November 24, 2008

Book Review: The Thieves of Faith

"The Thieves of Faith" is the second book in the "Thieves" series by Richard Doetsch.

Just as good as the first book, and finds our characters a year later. Michael St. Pierre gets yet another ultimatum to steal something; this time, though, it doesn't affect Heaven, but could unleash Hell on Earth.

Michael's adventures take him to tunnels below the Kremlin, scuba diving, gun fights... and Michael meets the father that gave him up for adoption.

I like this series because it's interesting and fun, there's great character development, Michael has values and sticks to them, he has friends and family and he'll do anything for them.

At least two more books are planned in this series: "The Thieves of Darkness" due out next year in hard cover and a fourth book in 2010 - both of which I plan to read.

You should too!

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