Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Book Review: The Void

The Void (The Tanner Sequence, #3)The Void by Timothy S. Johnston
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I didn't realize The Void was the 3rd book in a series when I picked it up. Didn't affect my reading at all. It's a standalone, following Kyle Tanner the murder investigator and his girlfriend from the previous two stories further into their lives, wrapping up the series for those two characters.

Kind of a murder mystery in space. Shades of And Then There Were None, with characters being picked off but not being sure who's doing the picking. It starts out rather gory. So much so that I almost put it down during the first chapter. I don't like descriptive gore.

The gore stopped after that. It was used to set up the character of the Reaper and how horribly he treated his victims, which had great impact at the end of the book.

I reviewed a book where I described the mystery within as frustrating because it wasn't huge enough at the end and too easily covered up. This book felt frustrating because Tanner was frustrated by everyone around impeding him from doing his job and trying to get him into trouble for doing his job. Equipment problems, not having the correct gear when he needed it, trying to figure out who to trust in a new situation - as a reader, it was easy to empathize with that.

The Void was a good science fiction murder mystery. And it made a good wrap up to a series. Enough so that I'm intrigued enough to think about finding the first two books in the series.

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