Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Book Review: Old Earth

Old EarthOld Earth by Gary Grossman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A fascinating yet frustrating book. Old Earth drew me in with a story of an archaeology dig in Montana that stumbles upon ...something. There's also an ancient conspiracy trying to cover up that discovery - anytime and anywhere it's discovered.

The story weaves between the modern day discovery, a similar discovery in the 1600's and the outcome of that, and the efforts of the third party to prevent the discovery from becoming public.

To talk any more about plot would probably give away too much. The blurb does nice a job summarizing without spoiling.

The main characters are Quinn McCauley, a university archaeology professor probably about to lose any future funding for digs, and Katrina Alpert, a peer sent to evaluate him, as well as their group of students and a couple of travel magazine publishers.

This was a page-turner for me. I love books set in caves with mysterious discoveries and maybe some conspiracy thrown in. Ultimately, explanation of the discovery wasn't enough for me at the end though. It was too easily covered up, and perhaps not enough of a physical discovery. Again, to say more would be spoilery.

Apart from that little nitpick, the rest of the book was thoroughly enjoyable.

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