Monday, March 17, 2014

Binge-Watching TV Catch-up

I finally finished watching Leverage a few weeks ago. Fun show, and I kinda miss watching it. I needed a replacement for it... and remembered I had enjoyed watching Haven on SyFy, but was a season or two behind.

Turns out, I had watched the first two seasons of Haven, and stopped. Netflix and Amazon have the third season of Haven streaming, so I watched that over the past few days. Good show! But now I have to wait for season 4 to hit the streaming services...

Star Wars: The Clone Wars finally hit Netflix streaming too. All of their five seasons that aired on Cartoon Network, as well as thirteen new episodes that they had been working on when the show was cancelled. So yeah, I binged on those thirteen new episodes the day they came out! More good stuff. That show was cancelled in it's prime and could have gone on to tell more amazing stories in the Star Wars universe for quite awhile.

I'm thinking about watching Orphan Black next... The first season is streaming on Amazon Prime. Any other suggestions?

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