Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Books

According to GoodReads, I've read 33 books in 2013. That's not counting the book(s) I'm reading right now (...or the ones I neglected to post to Goodreads). But it's probably a pretty close number.

Looking back over the past few years, it looks like 2011 was a good year for me reading books and getting them posted to Goodreads.com.  That's also the year I got the most books sent to me directly from publishers or the authors themselves. Correlation? I guess I felt the need to post more reviews when I got books specifically for that purpose. Now, as when I started this endeavor, I'm just reading for my own enjoyment (as it says in my review policy page) and might sporadically get the urge to write a bit about a book I read.

It's also interesting to me to see the distribution of star-ratings I gave. I rarely give five stars to a book, but I gave three of them this year. Five stars means I absolutely loved the book and would like to read it again at some point, and think everyone should give it a shot, and a whole bunch of other random accolades. Four stars means I really enjoyed the book, and it was just about perfect in my opinion.

I see that my three star reviews are the most numerous. Three stars, to me, means I enjoyed the book. I might have some minor issues with it, but overall it was a good book.  Two stars means I thought the book was just okay.  My stats from 2013 don't show any one- or no-star reviews. I probably didn't bother to post those to Goodreads, if I had any of those this year.

I'm looking forward to more good books, and I'll post some sporadic reviews here!

Thanks for reading along with me.

Happy New Year!

--Kevin Bayer, for Sporadic Reviews

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