Wednesday, April 3, 2013

G.I.Joe Anthology now an ebook

I recently finished reading the G.I. Joe anthology Cobra Wars, that I read in paperback. The publisher contacted me to let me know it's now available as an ebook.

Here's the blurb:
Tales from the Cobra Wars is a compilation of high-energy stories and novellas, about the global convert conflict between G.I. JOE and COBRA. The stories are written by top crime and thriller writers, and edited by Max Brooks, author of World War ZThe Zombie Survival Guide, and the graphic novel mini-series, G.I. JOE: Hearts & Minds.In these eight short stories and novellas, all the favorite JOE heroes and villains are featured: Flint, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Hawk, Dial Tone, and Destro and the Baroness, accompanied by commanding illustrations by Michael Montenat.


  1. Huge fan growing up, still am today, but for the most part not happy with the story telling in these "novellas". Ironically the best story was the one that the least to do with actual GI Joe members and more about a "computer nerd". Too bad, it seemed like it could have had a ton of potential.

  2. I agree, the "computer nerd" story was the best.

    I was a fan as a kid too, and enjoyed the comics then. Tried the newer comics awhile back but comics are too expensive these days. Better to wait for a TPB collecting several issues.


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