Friday, April 5, 2013

Feed Forward: Books and Movies

I've been following Books and Movies for quite some time in several different iterations. It started out as a personal blog by Carrie about homeschooling, and she also posted book reviews. Somehow, probably through a linky-meme or blog party or something, I came across one of her reviews of something that interested me... or maybe I had blogged about something involving kids that somehow she found and commented on, I don't even remember. It's been years.

Eventually, Carrie spun-off the reviews into a separate blog that moved hosts a few times, but never lost the quality of writing. I don't read the same kind of books she usually reviews, but every now and then she'll post something in my bailiwick. She also often posts other articles of interest, sometimes posts personal stories, and I've been following her so long, I consider her an internet-acquaintance.

Check out Books and Movies for some different kinds of reviews from what you'd normally find here at SporadicReviews.

Feed Forward is a feature on SporadicReviews in which I highlight a particular feed from my feed reader.

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