Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Moving! Again...

SporadicReviews is moving, again!

Yeah, I know: we just moved a very few short months ago. That was from a crappy house to a wonderful house in the same city where my wife and I still had the same jobs. Now, however, we're moving across the country. We're moving from the smallest big city you'll ever visit to a wonderful city on the west coast of the United States where the weather is more ...steady.
The company my wife has been working for remotely the past year made her an offer to work from their offices that we couldn't pass up. As a result, I'm now looking for a new job in the Seattle area.

That means my reading time has been drastically reduced, again, as we plan our move, pack (or sell off) our belongings, and occasionally panic. Book reviews are on-hold until May of 2013, though I may mention when (if) I've finished the two anthologies I'm still reading.

If you're an author or a publisher and want me to review your material, hang on to it until I publish my new mailing address come May.

If you're a publisher in the Seattle area looking for a guy who loves books to come work for you, see my about me page for my email address! I'm available for hire!

If you're any other kind of employer and needs someone with a variety of skills and experience (one summer I drove a sno-cone trolley and was an evil telemarketer, before getting real jobs), see my about me page for my email address! I'm available for hire! 

If you're in the Seattle area and want to hang out once I'm settled (or want to help me move in...), shoot me an note on FB or Twitter.

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