Thursday, February 14, 2013

On Reading Three Anthologies At The Same Time

I mentioned awhile back that I was in the midst of reading three anthologies at once: A Superhero collection, a spaceship combat anthology, and a G.I. Joe collection. That way, I can read one story in one set, then a different one from another set, theoretically keeping my subject matter fresher than reading one full-length novel or one set of stories all on a similar theme.

So far, I'm not fond of the practice but I'm sticking with it as I finish up these books. Maybe I don't like it because I feel I should complete one book before moving on, but I don't always practice that. Maybe I prefer sticking with one theme instead of rotation. Maybe I'd rather have only one book sitting on my nightstand instead of three. I'm not sure why I'm not enjoying this experiment. The stories themselves are okay so far, I'm not close to being finished with any of the books though. I think I've only read two or three stories in each.

I'll provide an update once I've finished the books, and we'll see then how I feel reading more than one anthology at a time.

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