Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Book Review: Space Battles - Full Throttle Space Tales #6.

I've been trying something new with my current reading selections: 3 different anthologies at the same time. My plan was to read one story from each at a time, rotating books after each selection. It didn't quite work out that way. Space Battles was shorter than the other two and, so far, more enjoyable than the super hero and G.I. Joe stories in the other two anthologies. I'm okay with this failure to follow my plan, as I enjoyed many of these stories.

Some were a little too ...experimental or unusual for my tastes (The Book of Enoch, Space Battle of the Bands). But others were excellent space battle Science Fiction (Between the Lines, Like So Much Refuse, Bait and Switch.)

This is the sixth book in this anthology series. I haven't read the first five, but I'm considering it now.

Here's the Amazon blurb that sums up each story:
Space Battles is the sixth anthology of the Full-Throttle Space Tales series. Edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt, Space Battles contains 17 tales of spaceship battles, by established and rising-star authors. Explosive tales in this volume include: "Between The Lines" by Anna Paradox: A utility truck in space comes under attack from a colony ship to which they once gave aid. "The Thirteens" by Gene Mederos: Soldiers fight against Purists determined to purify a diversified world. "Like So Much Refuse" by Simon C. Larter: A saboteur is pitted against an experienced admiral and her dedicated crew. "Jump Point Blockade" by David Lee Summers: Captain Ellison Firebird and the crew of the Legacy find themselves facing a formidable enemy. "First Contact" by Patrick Hester: Two buddies on a lone patrol ship square off against an unknown enemy. "Isis" by Dana Bell: A sentient ship helps a spacer rescue human survivors from a horrific alien attack. "Book of Enoch" by Matthew Cook: Amish space truckers fighting to survive. "Joystick War" by Jean Johnson: Explorers discover a targeting drone with Artificial Intelligence in a storage bunker. "Never Look Back" by Grace Bridges: Fascinating questions about the will to live and the will to die. "The Gammi Experiment" by Sarah Hendrix: A disgraced former officer leads an untrained crew of miners against a powerful enemy. "Space Battle of The Bands" by CJ Henderson: The crew of the Roosevelt faces off against an enemy using destructive sound waves. "Battle For Parantwer" by Anthony R. Cardno: A military ship squares off against space pirates. "With All Due Respect" by Johne Cook: A space marine turned ambassador heads home for trial when his escort encounters deadly aliens. "Final Defense" by Selene O'Rourke: A lone military vessel on a mission to rescue a stranded civilian up against three giant enemy ships of unknown origin. "Bait and Switch" by Jaleta Clegg: A cadet brought aboard a warship winds up manning weapons when the ship comes under attack. "The Hand of God" (A Davi Rhii Story) by Bryan Thomas Schmidt: Military pilots confront pirates attacking shipping lanes. "Guard Dog" by Mike Resnick and Brad R. Torgersen: A father protecting Earth from threatening invaders finds himself fighting the last person he expected.

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