Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Book Review: Armored

Armored, edited by John Joseph Adams, is collection of short stories about various types of armor: powered combat armor in the far future, space suits, modern experimental combat suits, World War II tanks, steampunk, armor that needs a pilot, and armor that does not.

These stories are not just about combat from within suits that protect the wearer, they're about being protected, or needing protection, or the repercussions of using this technology. And more...

The variety of stories in this collection impressed me. Some were dark, some were exciting - all were interesting.

I was please to find stories within these pages from authors such as include Jack McDevitt, Mike Stackpole, and Daniel H. Wilson - their stories did not disappoint - and I was surprised to find stories by Simon R. Green, and Carrie Vaughn - their stories here are far different from their works that I've read.

This collection has stories that are sure to please just about anyone with even a passing interest in power armor. Get it.

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