Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Reasons to Hate The Big Bang Theory

UGO recently posted 11 reasons to hate the Big Bang Theory, CBS' sitcom about nerdy scientists and their weekly trips to the comic book store.

I enjoy the show, but I do agree with some of the points UGO makes. I'll summarize their list and offer my rebuttals.

11: The laugh track - yeah. I totally agree. These are a has-been of TV days long gone. All shows should get rid of the laugh track. The article says the show is filmed in front of a studio audience to generate the laughter. While I'm sure that's great for the studio audience, the viewers at home don't need to hear it.

10: Absence of the character of Leslie - again: agree.

9: Endless references - kinda disagree. References are how we geeks roll. But yeah, sometimes theirs are over-the-top or

8: Messed up references - these are unforgivable. Completely agree.

7: Other Geek shows are better - I can't speak to this. The other shows the article mentions I haven't seen, or haven't seen in years. But the reason Big Bang works for the most part is because it's about "real" people, and not cartoons.

6: Wil Wheaton: agree. Once was sorta vaguely humorous. You can stop now.

5: Sheldonmanie: I agree - he's funny. Don't overdo it.

4: Bazinga: Hmmm, I'm torn. It's rather silly. But I think it fits the character.

3: Girls are weird: again - I'm torn. The author of the article makes some valid points, but I like the characterizations of the three main characters.

2: The theme: GASP! That's a great theme, and BNL is a fun band.

1: They're not us: I completely agree with this point. While these characters do display some aspects of geekdom, their lives do not adequately reflect the geek culture.

UGO explains their own points in their list at their website.

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  1. I completely agree

    Big Bang theory minus laugh tracks = disaster.


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