Sunday, November 6, 2011

Book Review: The Scroll

The Scroll, by Grant R. Jeffrey and Alton Gansky, finds famed biblical archaeologist David Chambers recruited to find the treasures detailed in the Copper Scroll.

After some personal losses, Davis lost his faith and his desire to work in the field of biblical archaeology. His old mentor, a Jewish archaeologist recruits him for one last mission, along with David's arch-nemesis in the field, and David's ex-fiance. With funding secured and palms greased, they take on a massive hunt for the gold and temple treasures listed cryptically on the Copper Scroll found with the Dead Sea scrolls.

David Chambers is a rude, brusk man who acts out when things don't go his way. His ex-fiance Amber Rogers, also an archaeologist, knows he used to be a better man and thinks he can be again. David is constantly at odds with Nuri Aumann, the other archaeologist working with them. Nuri is also seeking Amber's affections, which bothers David even though they're no longer a couple.

I'm a fan of Alton Gansky's fiction, but I've not read any of the non-fiction by Grant R. Jeffrey (though I might, after seeing his bibliography in the back of this book). This novel combines Jeffrey's prophetical knowledge with Gansky's ability to write engaging, edge-of-your-seat fiction.

To make the story move forward, the characters use cutting-edge technology to help them search for locations to dig, which makes finding the actual treasures happen faster. There's an underlying sense of urgency, and they're forced to take short-cuts that betray their academic good sense. But in the end, there's a reason they need to use brute force archeaology instead of the normal time-consuming methods.

Since it is Christian fiction, faith is discussed as are tenants of both Judaism and Christianity. David, having lost his faith before the book starts, and as the main character, has to have his crisis of faith that brings him back to his faith. It's mentioned that characters pray, but that's never front and center.

This book handles elements of the life of a Christian better than some Christian fiction I've read - but it's Alton Gansky - he usually does it well.

I rate it a 3.5 out of 5.

The Scroll, by Grant R. Jeffrey and Alton Gansky, was provided to me by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for review.

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