Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Wife Reviews: Geek Girls Unite

I recently saw mentioned somewhere the book Geek Girls Unite and thought my wife would love to read it, being somewhat of a geek herself. I brought the book home for from the library the other day and she started reading it.

Here are her Twitter posts regarding the book Geek Girls Unite:

 Rubi_ I respectfully disagree with this blogger:  That book was *terrible*

 Rubi_ Among other thing, the book's author says that "muggle" is a word for hardcore Harry Potter fans.

Oh, she also says the Twilight series is "required reading" for geek girls.

mr_ex Hah, no kidding. My geeky teenage daughter saw it on my dresser, got all excited, asked if she could read it. I told her yes. 15 minutes later she returned, threw the book on my bed in disgust, and stomped out. 

 My girls take their geekdom seriously! 


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