Friday, March 18, 2011

Book Review: The Paradise Prophecy

The Paradise Prophecy is an enjoyable, thrilling ride, that takes us not only around the globe, but through the after-life itself and back out the other side. It takes us into a world where angels are real – and they want to bring about the Apocalypse! Robert Browne’s book follows Section agent Bernadette Callahan and the inebriated religious historian Batty Lalaurie through a Milton inspired globe-trotting investigation that starts as a seemingly basic spontaneous human combustion case, but quickly bridges this world and the world of the fallen angels.

In the world presented, God has abandoned His Creation, and the fallen angels fight each other for control of it and of bringing about the prophesied end. All the angels we’re familiar with are fallen. Some have just chosen to renounce Satan’s rebellion and work for good for their “absent” Creator. Most, though, are involved in deceiving humans and making us do their bidding – sometimes to the point of becoming thralls of the fallen angels.

Some battle scenes in the book are reminiscent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which at first struck me oddly, but grew on me as the story progressed. Callahan’s eyes are opened to a world she refused to think about, and Batty comes to terms with a horrible part of his life.

Also: the author is at work on a sequel!

The Paradise Prophecy was provided to me by the publisher for review and is due on shelves July 21, 2011.

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