Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Book Review: A Hard Day's Knight

The latest Nightside novel, A Hard Day's Knight, was provided to me for review by the publisher, Ace (thanks!), along with the previous book in the series in what I think is an overt attempt to draw me in to an excellent, fun, and rather crazy series.

This installment follows immediately from the ending of the last book, finding John Taylor, PI, in his kitchen with a large sword on his kitchen table wrapped in brown paper, having recently been delivered to his front door by post. The sword is Excalibur, the legendary sword that everyone and his brother were warning Taylor about in the previous book.

Now Taylor has the sword, or maybe it has him, and his first mission is to find out why. Through a series of battles, mishaps, and encounters both in Nightside and in London-proper, he loses the sword twice in one day, but eventually fulfills his destiny (well, his destiny for this book) and can finally get back to being the new Walker... and oh yeah, the book ends nicely with an invitation to a party of sorts.

The Nightside has quickly become one of my favorite series - and I've only read the two most recent books out of eleven.  The characters are quirky, the humor at times dry and witty and other times laugh-out-loud funny, the setting is dark (literally, since it's always 3am), dirty (in more ways than one), and the adventures are fast, dangerous, and exciting.

And did I mention this particular story had a strong Arthurian connection to it? I consider myself a fan of Arthurian literature, and this was a fun addition!

Read this series.

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