Friday, October 1, 2010


I'll try to hold back the fanboying.

From the latest F. Paul Wilson Newsletter:

The official street date for FATAL ERROR is October 12.  If you intend to buy the hardcover, please do so that week. Better yet, =pre-order= it if you can.  The first week's sales are an important factor in a book's position on bestseller lists. (so purchase mass quantities at your favorite indy bookstore or pre-order online:

I absolutely love the Repairman Jack series. It's a combination of most of what I like to read. Fatal Error is billed as the penultimate novel in the series - with only one more to follow. Which is kind of bittersweet, to know that the series is ending. But I read the last book in the series years ago and enjoyed it. F. Paul Wilson is reworking the final novel to make it more current and better follow the (re)established world-building and continuity of the series - so it's bound to be even better!

 Follow the author's advice there - go pre-order now! (Better yet, if you haven't read and of the Repairman Jack series, go read them all!)

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