Saturday, September 11, 2010

Book Review: The Emperor's Tomb

The Emperor's Tomb by Steve Berry, provided to me by the publisher for review, is the next exciting chapter in the adventures of Cotton Malone, an operative for the Justice Department who keeps swearing he's retired and selling books for a living.

Problem is, no one believes him, not even his former employer at the Justice Department who keeps involving him in missions. This time involving an old flame, Russian spies, two people vying to be the next leader of China's government, ancient Chinese relics, and new sources of oil that could change the world.

I haven't followed the Cotton Malone books closely. I read one of the earlier ones and couldn't get into it. Not realizing it was the same series, I picked up a more recent one earlier this year and really enjoyed. The publisher sent me The Emperor's Tomb, and I thought it was the direct follow up to the one I read earlier, but it's the one after that. So. Many. Books. My TBR pile is getting out of control!

The Cotton Malone series has a rich history of characters moving in and out of his life. The Emperor's Tomb is no different; featuring an old flame that has saved his life more than once, as well as competition for her attention, Cotton has his plate full with not only his interpersonal relationships, but with the mission he's forced into. And it's quite the adventure.

I appreciated the author taking the time to include a section at the end of the book detailing what was accurate historical information he included in the story. That adds a sense of depth and realism to the adventure.

The Emperor's Tomb is a suspenseful, exciting ride, that keeps you guessing about who's really responsible for what up until the very end.

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