Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Book Review: The Osiris Ritual

The Osiris Ritual, provided to me for review by IJustFinished, features an agent of Her Majesty in the Steampunk 1800s. Sir Maurice Newbury, agent for the crown, dabbles in the occult, is addicted to cocaine, and possibly has feelings for Miss Hobbes, his assistant.

After attending the unveiling of a mysterious Egyptian mummy, Newbury recieves an assignment that, while lacking in information, seems to lead nowhere. Meanwhile, Miss Hobbes follows her own clues to track down what might be a stage magician that's making young women disappear - for good! Their investigations eventually mesh together in a final battle on a steampunk submersible.

I don't usually read steampunk or historical action novels, but the Newbury and Hobbes adventures feature sword fights, ancient Egyptian artifacts, murders aplenty, and good friends of Sir Newbury trying to get him to stop doing cocaine. What's not to like?

There seems to be a rich history with these characters. While the book stood well on it's own, I could tell there was part of the overall story of these characters that I didn't know about. Miss Hobbes' sister and her relationship with her parents, Newbury's arch nemesis, Miss Hobbes' own special assignment that Newbury wasn't aware of, etc. Snatches of these backstories serve to enrich the world, and tease the reader into wondering what else is going on - anticipating more stories to come.

The Osiris Ritual serves up an exciting, new, old world adventure.

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