Saturday, April 18, 2009

Star Wars: Outcast, by Aaron Allston - a review

The latest novel in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, starting a new NINE-book
hard back series sees Luke all but exiled from Coruscant and the Jedi order, by
his own decision. His son Ben goes with him on a quest to find out what happened
to Jacen Solo to make him embrace the Dark Side.

Han, Leia, and their adopted daughter have an adventure of their own that may
have repercussions in the series as Amelia here's a voice through the Force
coming from the moon of Kessel, and Lando finds Centerpoint Station technology
buried deep within Kessel itself.

The Jedi Order has to face political ramifications of their actions during
the Second Galactic Civil War. Jag and Jaina shippers get some satisfaction.
Tahiri loses her cool again. Some Jedi are starting to go crazy and think
everyone has been replaced by look-alikes. And someone is after the Sith
meditation sphere.

Hmm... did I cover it all? I think so.

Star Wars novels are like crack to Star Wars fans - we can't get enough! And
when we get them, we use them up quickly!

This novel, starting the new Fate of the Jedi series, is a nice start, but is
really just that. It's more of an introduction to the series, a set-up novel. It
was still enjoyable though. In fact, it was really nice to see Luke not as head
of the Jedi Order any more and just off on his own.

I enjoyed the book, and of course will be following up with the rest of the
nine-book series as it comes out.

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