Thursday, March 9, 2006

Book Review: Noah

Earlier this year, based on a recommendation in a forum, I bought and read the book Noah Noah
  by Ellen Gunderson Traylor.
Very interesting book. The writing isn't great, but the story definitely held my attention. Starts off when the Biblical Noah is a young man, and continues through his life as God tells him to build the ark, the Flood, and for a short time after the Flood.
The author touches briefly on topics sometimes covered in the aforementioned Forum: What was the world like in antediluvian times. How much influence did the fallen angles have on that world. Who were the nephilim and/or giants mentioned in Genesis 6 and elsewhere in the Bible? Why was mans life-span longer then? Who were the men of renown?
This author apparently has written many biblical-based novels. This is the only one I've read.
The book reinforces God as the supreme power in and Creator of the universe; all the other "gods" mentioned in mythology or the Bible (as false gods or idols) are fallen angels serving as rulers over man in a fallen, sinful world. Noah, having the only family left with a clean genetic line back to Adam and still worshipping the true God, is chosen to restart the world after God destroys the original one.
If you like speculative Biblical fiction, give it a try. If you're curious what the Antediluvian world was like, give it a try.
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