Sunday, February 19, 2006

Book Review: Bark of the Bog Owl

From Mind&Media, I received a copy of Wilderking Trilogy - Bark of the Bog Owl.

Wilderking Trilogy - Bark of the Bog Owl

Marketed as a fantasy book for all ages, I really enjoyed this book.
And I must be a little slow, because I didn't catch onto the fact that the story is a loose interpretation of the Biblical story of King David's youth until the latter half of the book when the David and Goliath story is reenacted practically word for word!
I read that, and said to myself "Ohhhhh! Duh, now all the other events make a kind of sense in relation to that story too!"
Now this isn't just a retelling of the entire story of David from shepherd to king, though that is the basis for the story. I don't think David ever encountered Feechifolk. But if he had, I'm sure it would have turned out much the way the author conveys. I like the feechiefolk; interesting characters that add to the atmosphere and history of the world in this book.
I'll be reviewing the middle book in the trilogy soon.
Here's the blurb from B&N:
The prophet Bayard arrives at Longleaf Manor, the estate of Lord Errol with an unanticipated announcement. Aidan Errol, Lord Errol’s youngest son, is the Wilderking. But the weight and glory of this pronouncement is yet to be shouldered.In the meanwhile, Lord Errol and his sons attend a Treaty Feast celebrating a pact signed between Corenwald and the Pythen Empire. But Corenwald is double crossed by the Pyrthens and they go to war. The story unfolds as Aidan begins to walk the way of his destiny through the feechifolk and a showdown with the Pyrthen champion Greidawl ending with an epic battle to save the kingdom of Corenwald.
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