Saturday, July 13, 2019

Postgraduate by Ian Shane

PostgraduatePostgraduate by Ian Shane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ian Shane's writing in Postgraduate captures the drama, friendships, and struggles of young adults in college still finding themselves, and of the middle-aged struggling with discovering who they've become is not who they set out to be. The loss of friends, family, and relationships is felt throughout.

Each chapter is titled after a song in the playlist of the life of the main character, Danny, and shows Shane's own love of the music from his college years. Danny's recover from a divorce leads to a mid-life crisis; as he rebuilds his music collection he decides to start an internet radio station built on the bones of his old college radio station. A chance call from an old professor gives Danny the chance to recover a lost love, attempt to mend old friendships, and mend himself in the process.

Within Postgraduate, I like how the story flows from Danny's middle-age life, back to his college years telling the story of what started him on his path, and back to Danny's current life as he must face the music and start all over.

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