Monday, April 7, 2014

Kickstarter for an SF book by Tom Wright

Tacoma-based author Tom D. Wright is running a kickstarter for his new SF/F novel series about a fictional MMO company called TerraMythos. He expects at least 4 books in the series: The Princess of Panchala is the first novel and is already finished. It's based on Hindu mythology, with each subsequent book based on different mythologies.

In the first novel, the main character becomes trapped in an online Hindu MMORPG while searching for her sister as the game-world collapses around her. The game-developers outside the game are actively try to stop her. This novel is finished and the kickstarter is to get it and future novels published, along with the usual kickstarter rewards for backers.

You can find out more about this novel and the kickstarter for it at

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