Friday, February 1, 2013

Feed Forward - A Knife and a Quill

I saw a post on Facebook from a guy that talks about each feed in his feed reader. I thought to myself "I'm going to steal that idea!" I'm planning to go through my Google Reader feeds alphabetically and tell you a little about each feed I subscribe to... if it's been updated recently. I think I'll call this recurring feature "Feed Forward."

Today, I want to tell you about A Knife and a Quill. I have no idea how I found this website (one of those rabbit trails of internet links, I'm sure - which is probably how I found most of my feeds).

I follow this blog for book recommendations, especially their "What The Free Book Friday" (WTFBF) posts, which gathers a few free ebooks of a similar theme together into one post. I've grabbed several from those posts alone.

They don't publish posts every day, but they're pretty good about updating more than once a week. They also have a page for publishing short stories, and are looking for new reviewers/interviewers.

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