Sunday, January 27, 2013

Whew! .. glad that's over!

It's been an interesting few months for me and my family. Back in early October, my wife was all like "We should sell our house and move into a nicer one soon." I agreed that at some point in the vague near future that we should, indeed, move to a nicer home. Then she mentioned that she saw a house for sale in a neighborhood we both like, and it was listed at a great price. "Awww, too bad it's for sale now," I said to her, "instead of when we're ready to put this house up for sale and start looking."

We live in that house now.

After talking about our options, we spoke with a realtor. She came back a few days later and mentioned she knew someone that was going to need to rent someplace to live very soon, and the people selling the house we wanted needed to move across the country very soon. The timing worked out almost exactly to the day, that those two couples needed to move. We had a house we could ernt to the first couple, and the people needing to move a couple thousand miles had a house we wanted.

Cue keystone cops music as Rubi's father and I spent the next few weeks remodeling the kitchen and getting some other work done on the house to get in a condition we could rent or sell it. And doing it around my (normally bizarre) work schedule. Rubi and the kids helped with painting and other projects that didn't involve destroying things.

It was a crazy few weeks. Then as soon as we moved in to the new place, since it was much nicer than our old house, Rubi let each of our younger kids have a sleepover with friends on consecutive nights. And she wanted to have the family Thanksgiving celebration at our new house.

Oy!... it was a tiring, stressful, and nuts time, and I'm glad we're finally settled (though I still have a few boxes left to unpack at some point).

Reading (and pretty much everything else) took a back seat during October and November, as my free time was spent doing all this stuff. As I'm settling down now, I'm starting to read more, I've rejoined my ScaperChronicles podcast crew for one recording so far this year and look forward to more podcasting and more reading.

I don't know what 2013 holds for me and my family... it has the potential to be just as crazy as the past few months, with some possible changes coming soon. Or it could be a normal year for us.

Look for more content from Sporadic Reviews, coming soon!

Oh... and my house that I'm renting out now? I'm also selling it as a rental property with tenants. If you want an investment property in Southwestern Indiana with good income, contact me!

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