Thursday, November 10, 2011

GAH! Too Many Good Books!

It's a curse! But a good curse to have, yeah?

I just finished reading what I thought was the final book in the Eli Monpress trilogy. Turns out, it's a series! There's more to come! I read the first book, The Spirit Thief, awhile back for When I finished it, I promptly went out and bought the next two books thinking that was it.

Then I got busy, and kept putting off reading them. I finally picked up the second book in the series, The Spirit Rebellion, a few days ago. I devoured it, and grabbed the third book, The Spirit Eater, off my shelf and tore through it, finishing up last night.

It's a fantastic series. It's a bit of a different take on normal fantasy. It's fun. No, it's rip-roaringly fun. It is a blast to read. It's not just fun, it's funny at times; it's also sad sometimes. It could have romance, but never goes there. The series hits the right notes on everything.

Throughout the stories, there's this background to the world tossed in almost like you're expected to know what's going on, but leaves you thinking to yourself in a loud voice, "Explain that! I want to know more!" There's a whole mythology within the stories that is really only hinted at right up until the end of the last book. In fact, the last book - well, the third book - gives answers left and right about things I've been wanting to know about. Of course... as soon as the answer is there, the answer has to be explained, but isn't. Answering the questions only leads to more questions.

I'm glad there's more of this series coming. It's just that good. But dang it! I don't want to wait!

When's the next one? Gimme!

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