Saturday, October 29, 2011

Book Review: The Clone Redemption

The Clone Redemption, by Steven L. Kent is the latest in a series of military sci-fi featuring clones by the millions that form their own empire.

The clones, created to be soldiers and led by clone Wayson Harris, have broken ties with the Unified Authority and Earth. Both empires have colonies spread across the galaxy, but those colonies are being systemically eradicated by a new extra-galactic alien force that completely eliminates all life on the planet after 83 seconds. A small force has gone to the aliens' homeworld while Harris tries to evacuate colonies that are in the path of the aliens' drive to Earth.

The clones in this series are unique from my perspective. Most of them are bred to be distinguishable from real humans. They have muted skin-tones and features that are often repugnant to normal humans. They're bred to serve humanity as a military force: navy, marines, special forces. Each programmed with their specific specialties and skills.

The clone saga does a fantastic job of letting me join mid-series and doesn't make me feel left behind. Brief mentions of what's gone before interwoven into the narrative brought me fully into this world.

There are actually two story-lines interweaving: the small fleet in the home galaxy of the invading aliens, and the main story of Harris' clone empire. Both would have been interesting novels all on their own, but they combine into a fun story.

I enjoyed the exploration aspect of the fleet in Bode's Galaxy, and would have liked to see that expanded more, instead of just exploring one world, and moving on to the homeworld. Whereas the story with Harris, fighting two fronts, really kept me reading. Harris had to both evacuate millions of people from colonies, and fight Earth forces at the same time.

The technology used in this book was different enough from other books to remain fresh - especially the broadcast drive to travel between stars. Add in stealth tech, a new planet-busting weapon, kamikazes, pirating space ships, and virtual people who think they're real - all add up to an exciting intergalactic adventure.

The ramifications of the events in this book set up the parameters for a new series set in this universe.

4 out of 5 stars.

The Clone Redemption was provided to me by the publisher for review.

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