Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New! Rating Scale

I should probably start including actual ratings in my reviews. Goodreads makes me choose a starred rating, but I'm not fond of their scale. They say two stars is "It was okay." Two out of Five, to me, is not a good thing.

Here's the scale I'll use:

  • Five Stars: Excellent!
  • Four Stars: Liked it. Probably a lot.
  • Three Stars: It was okay. 
  • Two Stars: Didn't care for it.
  • One Star: Really didn't like it.
  • Black Hole: Chose not to finish it, not really my kind of book.

If I get really bored one day (or win the lottery, quit my day job, and have plenty of free time), I might go back and add ratings to my previous reviews.

If that happens, it'll be sporadically.

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