Sunday, June 13, 2010

Recent Reads June 2010

I went to a five-day conference in Indianaoplis last week and spent my downtime there reading. I've also been putting off playing Guild Wars and DDO... I've been in a mood to read a bunch lately. It's nice! It's also nice having some good stuff to read.  Everything in my list today either came from my local library or from PaperBackSwap. No one deemed me worthy enough to mail me any books recently. That's okay for now, I've been enjoying the books I have on hand!

I'm almost finished with The Charlemagne Pursuit by Steve Berry. It's a later book in the Cotton Malone series, of which I haven't read any others. Based on this one though, I just might! This one has cool stuff like conspiracies, ancient Antarctic civilizations, corrupt politicians... I'm eating it up!

I also finished the latest Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi novel Allies by Christie Golden. Hardcover novel in the middle of a nine-book series set about 40ish years after the original movies. It's an okay book in the series with some good plot events that make it worth the read if your reading the whole series. But there are much better Star Wars books out there.

A better book that I finished in the past week or so is Ark of Fire by C. M. Palov. A photographer and a novelist/historian get involved in a search for the Ark of the Covenant by a radical fundementalist religious organization bent on starting the Gog/Magog war... Not a religious novel, but definitely has religion involved with the plot! Good read!

Speaking of good reads, I'm trying to do more book stuff at GoodReads. I've still got a huge TBR pile literally sitting in three stacks knee high in my living room (okay... some of those are for my wife and kids, but still).  I hope do some more in-depth reviews if I come across anything I really feel like going on and on about, but a bunch of the stuff on my TBR pile is nice easy fluff! (Rogue Angel anyone?)

ETA: I forgot one of the books I finished within the past couple of weeks. The latest from Matthew Reilly: 5 Greatest Warriors, picking up right where 6 Sacred Stones left off and continuing the rollercoaster ride to save the world. A pretty good book with government conspiracies to hide the secret origins of mankind and whatnot, but it had a really bizarre scene involving Jesus Christ that just didn't fit in with the rest of the story and seemed more of an attempt to out do Dan Brown. Other that that, it stayed within the breakneck plot of the rest of the series.

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