Saturday, February 6, 2010

New DVD Series from the Creator of VeggieTales

What's In The Bible? It's a new DVD series from Phil Vischer, the creator of VeggieTales, coming in March of 2010. I recieved a sneak preview from Tyndale House Publishers.

The DVD opens with Phil Vischer in a nice office setting telling us about himself, what happened with VeggieTales, and what he hopes to do with What's In The Bible? and why he teamed up with Tyndale. This part of the DVD was nice. Phil, the voice of Bob the Tomato, is like an old friend and it's nice to learn exactly why he lost VeggieTales; a story I hadn't heard completely until now.

After that is a short video promo for the series. The footage from the series saddens me. I understand it's aimed at young children, but so was VeggieTales and that was a great series even for adults. The puppets come across as cheap PBS wannabes. The voice acting seems crude and overdone, sometimes to the point of being unintelligible. And the live action human characters seem frantically overdone imitations of the Wiggles.

My kids are too old for this series. If I had younger children they might enjoy it, since it seems geared towards the very young, maybe toddler-aged children.

I sincerely hope the series will turn out to be better than the promo makes it seem. Kids need good Christian educational TV to distract them from video games and internet and some of the less-appealing shows on PBS and other "children's" networks.

Disclaimer of Disclaiming: Tyndale sent me the aforementioned promo DVD free for review. They didn't pay me. I sometimes get free books and such as review material.

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