Saturday, February 6, 2010

Book Review: Through The Triangle

Through The Triangle by C.P. Stewart

A father and his estranged teenage son embark on a fishing trip; the father with the hopes of reconciling with his son. They are joined by a murderer masquerading as another tourist as the boat captain and his assistant take them out off the coast of South Florida. After losing radio contact with the Coast Guard while attempting to assist another boat in distress during an unusual freak storm, the find themselves in what can only be the future. The future brings them new technology, new dangers, and new friends.

This was a surprisingly good book. Lots of action, some nice character development, and a great story.

Disclaimer of Disclaiming: Sometimes publishers or authors give me their book or product free so I can review it. I got this one from IJustFinished. Sometimes I get books I want to read for my own enjoyment from PaperBackSwap. The product links in the reviews take you to, where if you buy the linked item I get a very small percentage of the purchase price (because I like cash).

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