Monday, February 22, 2010

Book Review: The Barbary Pirates

What a surprisingly fun book!

The Barbary Pirates is the fourth novel following the exploits of American adventurer traveling around the globe in the 19th century working for Napoleon, the American president, the British Empire or anyone willing to pay him enough to keep him in booze, women, and adventure as he does his job. This go `round, after taking a few scientist "savants" on a tour of the seedy side of Paris for some illicit womanizing and gambling ends up in front of Napoleon and tasked with finding an ancient weapon rumored to have the power to burn naval fleets.

During his mission he encounters his arch-nemesis, an old flame, and possibly finds Atlantis.

Ethan Gage is an interesting protagonist. He's by no means perfect in the Dirk Pitt mold, nor awesomely capable as Jason Bourne. Ethan Gage is a man who would rather mooch a living drinking, gambling, and enjoying the company of the fairer sex than risk his life on an adventure. Yet when faced with the task at hand, and having no choice but to move forward, he comes up with a plan, often not a very good plan, and does what he can to save the day often at unnecessary risk to his own life and those around him.

The Barbary Pirates kidnap the son he never knew he had, giving Ethan reason to be more resourceful and find a solution in order to bring him back together with his son and his old flame.

I normally don't read historical fiction, and often find it difficult to stick with novels told in the first-person (as this story is) - but The Barbary Pirates has shown me what I'm missing and has me wanting to go back and read the previous Ethan Gage novels! The author's publicist contacted me about reviewing this book, and had an ARC sent to me. I'm glad she did!

The Barbary Pirates should be available for purchase April 1, 2010. Check it out!

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