Sunday, December 20, 2009

Book Review: Ground Zero

I love the Repairman Jack series by F. Paul Wilson. The series as a whole has it all; a nice mix of action, suspense, humor, conspiracies, nice character moments and development and, as the series progresses, more and more of a supernatural element. The series started off with each novel able to be read as a stand-alone; but as the series nears completion that's become impossible for the author to maintain as he moves pieces into place and continues the overall story of Repairman Jack and his fight against The Adversary.

I recently finished the most recent book in the series, Ground Zero, and in doing so realized I had missed the one before it (By The Sword)! Ground Zero finds Jack continuing his fight against The Adversary and his inadvertant earthly minions, the Kickers and the Septimus Order which has been part of the last few books. Jack even meets some old friends from his childhood (and the Jack YA novels).

Ground Zero is an excellent installment in the always entertaining Repairman Jack series and it hits on all the fine points I mentioned before: action, suspense, humor, character development, and that supernatural element that permeates the underlying achitecture of the series.

I'm currently reading By the Sword, and have Jack: Secret Histories(the first in the YA series) on my TBR shelf.

Disclaimer of Disclaiming: I picked up this book at my local library. No cash or freebies exchanged hands at all (unless I had to pay an overdue fine...). The link above is an Amazon Associate link: if you click it and buy something you help fund my "pay the bills" addiction.

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