Friday, May 15, 2009

Dreamstone by P.A. Hendrickson - A Review

Dreamstone, by P.A. Hendrickson, was a pleasant surprise from

In a post-war galaxy, the planet Prothia is a backwater that resembles many fantasy settings - complete with rumors of mysterious creatures just outside the villages, and the pre-quest inn where everyone gathers.  Joebin is a miner and has been having disturbing dreams and visions and hearing voices in his head that eventually lead him to embark on a quest to save his village from slavers coming from another planet. But the slavers are just a tool in the belt of a governor who fancies herself queen of the galaxy. To become this queen, she seeks the Dreamstone, the same object of the quest Joebin has been sent on. Interesting adventures and sad deaths follow the quest through to a surprising end.

Surprising is a good word for this book. It starts out in a setting similar to most fantasies as it follows the main protagonist, Joebin, but changes to a science fiction setting as it follows the slavers and other galactic citizens, and back again. Along the way we meet at least a couple of different alien races, and maybe even a deity of some sort. And eventually they all meet up and disaster ensues, followed by a surprising ending.

It was an interesting combination of settings, and worked really well.

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