Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Stormcaller, by Tom Lloyd - a Review

I recently read this book, I'm ashamed to say, because the cover is way
awesome. I was glad I picked it up from my local library; this book kept me
reading.  This world is expansive and has much depth, though the author
really doesn't go to the effort of world-building - it just is. There is so much
going on in and around the characters that you know this world has existed for
quite awhile and has many stories to offer.

Enchanted armor given to special people? Check!
Vampires? Check!
Swords and armor with names? Check!
Gods and not-so-godlike beings? Check!
Crazed mutants created by the gods? Check!
One of those is the main character? Check!
Magic, elves, humans, dragons, immortals? Check, Check, Check, Check, aaand Check!

Isak, named as an afront to the god Kasi, is a White-Eye. A long-lived, giant human with berserker tendencies, a sad childhood, and a knack for magic, he quickly changes from the bane of his father's existence to the Heir-apparent of the current White-Eye King and Head of the cult of a certain God. The story follows him as he adapts from his wandering merchant lifestyle to that of heir to the head-of-state and religious leader. On the night he is brought to the castle, a messenger from the gods delivers a special suit of armor and sword for him that signifies he might just be the prophesied savior of the land, and catalyst to all-out war.

Isak quickly adapts to the warrior aspects of his new life, but doesn't take well to the political nature. Along the way, he develops friendships and alliances, and learns more about his role in the world and his destiny and has to decide whether or not that destiny is what he wants.

As I mentioned before, there is much world-building within this book. Not much explaining of it, no introduction to matters and places and events and customs - the world is presented as if the reader has always been a part of it. Which is kind of a nice change from most world-building.

The book has lots of action, good character-building and interaction on a personal level, excellent world-building and story-telling. The Stormcaller is the first book in a series. I look forward to reading the future installments.

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  1. Excellent book. Have you read the other 2 in the series yet? It just gets better and better!!

    Definitely worth the read


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