Saturday, October 11, 2008

Book Review: The Evidence

(Not, as it looks on the library shelf due a poorly placed sticker, "Evidence Boy"...)

"The Evidence, Mars Hill Classified book 1" by Austin Boyd is a Christian "science fiction" novel. More correctly, it's an action/adventure book with SF elements - namely, space stations, the space shuttle, space probes, and possible aliens.

I tried really hard not to like this novel. The author puts his "authors note" at the beginning of the book instead of at the end, and mentions that he used his vast military and space-guy experience to write the book, in addition to using real people he knows as characters - mentioning one specifically by name. Turn the page to start the book and there's that character! Gah! I wanted to put it down right then, but I gave it chance.

I'm glad I did. The book has action, international intrigue (interplanetary intrigue?), family life between the main character and his wife and kids and even his parents, and a solid Christian character that doesn't overtly try to convert everyone he encounters. He does drop comments about his faith and the suggestion that they should look into it to most everyone if he gets the chance.

I'm interested to see where the author takes the story in the sequel, how he ties up the loose ends. Will they really be aliens? Will they be fallen angels (or their accomplices) in disguise trying to deceive the masses? What's the real reason the terrorists took out space command at the beginning of the book and how is it related to the alien plotline?

I was going to mention a few of the minor things that kind of bugged me, but they are so minor that I can only remember one right now - so it's not really worth even mentioning, as it really didn't detract from my enjoyment of the book.

All in all, a pretty good book.

Note: This review was originally posted on my personal blog.

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