Sunday, October 5, 2008

Submitting Review Materials to Sporadic Book Reviews

If you have something you'd like me to consider for review, send an email to SBRbooks AT gmail DOT com for a mailing address.

NOTE: I reserve the right to not review everything submitted. But I will list all items received in a blog post.

I read much more than what I review on this blog: Science Fiction, Action/Adventure, Suspense, Paranormal/Supernatural, Military/Spy fiction, Fantasy, Christian Fiction, media tie-in fiction, even some YA stuff in the same genres.

Also, just because the title says "book" doesn't mean I won't review other material. I may very well review comic books, movies, DVDs, TV shows, etc. in upcoming osts.

(I got the idea for this page from SFSignal's Submissions page.)

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