Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Review Policy

**NOTE: SporadicReviews is no longer located in the midwest, we're now Pacific NorthWesters!**

Questions, comments or products can be sent to: SporadicReviews AT gmail DOT com or send your book or other material for review to:

Sporadic Reviews
3727 154th Pl SE.
Bothell, WA 98012

If you are a publisher or author (published or otherwise) or a marketer of other products, I'd be glad to review your book or product as long as you are okay with the following:

-I'll only review books or products that I think I might remotely enjoy. I won't review something that I believe I won't like. But if you send me something to review, I'll give it a shot.

-I will be honest in my review.

-I won't recommend a book if I don't like it. My review will mention that. I won't be mean or derogatory about the book or author though.

-I reserve the right to not finish a book if I'm not enjoying it. I read for enjoyment.

-I like deadlines.They keep me productive. If there's a date you want a review posted by, perhaps before the book is released, please mention that so I can plan my reading accordingly. But again, I'm reading for enjoyment, and sometimes stuff I want to read will come before stuff I've been asked to read. This blog is called "Sporadic" for a reason.

-I don't post reviews of every single book I read for my own enjoyment. I post reviews of those when a book really says to me "talk about this!".

-I'll post your review on this blog, and links to the review on Facebook and Twitter. If you want a review posted at Amazon as well, I'll be glad to provide that, but I might not remember to do so if not asked directly.

Questions, comments or products can be sent to: SporadicReviews AT gmail DOT com or send unsolicited material to:

Sporadic Reviews
3727 154th PL SE.
Bothell, WA 98012

Disclaimer: Sometimes publishers or authors give me their book or product free so I can review it. When they do, I'll mention it in the review. Sometimes I get books I want to read for my own enjoyment from my local library or buying one one. The product links in the reviews take you toAmazon.com, where if you buy the linked item I get a very small percentage the purchase (because I like cash).

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