Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Double Eagle by James Twining

The Double Eagle by James Twining is an adventure novel in the ilk of Dan Brown, but without the religious malarky.

The FBI is investigating the theft of amazingly expensive rare coins from Fort Knox and suspect art thief Tom Kirk. They send in Jennifer Browne, an FBI agent that's been buried in Atlanta because of an incident in her past. She comes to need Kirk's assistance in solving the crime.

This is a good globe trotting action/adventure story with some nice twists and interesting character interaction.

It takes us awhile to learn what Jennifer did in her past that the FBI didn't like. We get Tom's history from two different angles. Characters mentioned briefly at one point early on pop up again later to move the story along and change the dynamics of the story.

I've got the second Tom Kirk novel, The Black Sun, up next on my TBR pile!

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