Monday, February 5, 2007

Book Review: The Ahriman Gate

The Ahriman Gate: Some Gates Should Not Be Opened
The Ahriman Gate: Some Gates Should Not Be Opened
by Tom and Nita Horn.

I've been hearing about and wanting to read The Ahriman Gate for more than a year. I heard about in the "Christian Conspiracy/UFOlogy" circles where I seem to remember it being highly recommended.

It's about an ex-Marine, Joe Ryback, seeking vengeance for the murder of his father at the hands of a group of people inside the U.S. government. That group, using technology from a crashed UFO, is trying to bring about the Biblical end-times so Satan will have control of the United States and a group of nations working with her - and inevitably - control of the world.

Joe, of course, is not strong enough by himself. Along the way he gets help from a hermit and the hermit's dog Tater. Joe's youngest sister gets involved over her head, a Biblical professor at a local college gets involved investigated Joe's claims of giants being gengineered at a local military installation - the college professor thinks the giants are really Biblical Nephilim. A computer hacker running an alternative news website helps out; and a high-ranking military man comes to the aid of Joe and his friends - even though he has goals of his own.

The story culminates with the crashed UFO being reactivated and Lucifer's fallen angels about to wage armegeddon with the angels of God, all while Joe is trying save his sister and outrun the Nephilim and their keeper who want to bring the AntiChrist into the world.

It's an average Christian Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi novel. It does do a good job of summing up the basic concepts and theories bandied about in the aforementioned "Christian Conspiracy/UFOlogy" circles.

If you're interested in more of theories by this author, he's been interviewed several times on PID Radio.

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