Thursday, December 14, 2006

Reading Fun

Since our kindergartner, Alexander, has been reading like - well, like Rubi and I do, Rubi signed him up at Book Adventure!
He recently finished reading the Wizard of Oz (after watching the movie, he wanted to read the book), and is now working on Treasure Island. But he also likes the old standards like Hop on Pop and There's a Wocket in my Pocket. He gets to take quizzes on the books he reads and accumulates points.  Once he gets a ton of points, he can redeem them for prizes. I think he said he's going to try for the 2000 point prize which is a subscription to the Highlights magazine.
He's having a blast doing it too. He loves using the computer and being able to read his own way through the instructions and tests.  It's fun watching him do it too.
I'm almost ready to think he enjoys reading more than Elizabeth does - and she has a voracious reading appetite.

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